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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: breaking news tonight out of oakland: the city's police force is no longer facing a possible federal takeover. this afternoon the department reached a deal with civil rights attorneys who have been demanding reforms the agreement ends a 12 year legal battle over the vigilante justice administered by the rogue o=p=d officers known as the riders. >> and in san francisco: backpacks and briefcases .... blackberries and bottles of tequila. if you've lost any of these items to thieves ... the san francisco police may have some good news for you. >> the officers did a great job recovering in a with like to get it back to the rightful owners. >>pam: developing tonight at eight.. the city of oakland's deal. to stave off a federal takeover of its beleagured police department
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has brought years of legal battles to a sudden end. kron-4's philippe djegal is live in oakland tonight.. .. with details.. and what this means for the department.. going forward. >> pam, the community town hall meeting tonight at the elementary school in oakland was supposed to be about what the police department is doing to tackle crime. also the economic state of the city. and the jobs it was all discussed but over shattered by even bigger news. in a stunning statement, police our jordan, and mayor jean quan saying that they will not be subject to a federal of pointed receivership. >> we have a filing a later this afternoon on a compromise that has been signed by the plaintiffs, the writers case, the oakland police officers association and ourselves. >> for now, the department can avoid federal
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intervention. all sides have agreed to a compliance that things are completed. >> it is not final until things are ruling on it. because we all signed and. and the judge gave this this opportunity to lead directly with the plaintiffs. and work out the deal. >> the representation and to the -- recommendation, of the oakland misconduct for the oakland police officers prompted this year's long issue. the police department would reworking with the federal department, and not for them. >> we have an opportunity to work and to nominate people for that position and make
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the department to better. the alternative would be mostly... your jean quan is confident that a deal can be reached. the next step will be appointing that compliance director. they all hope that could be shortly done. by december, 2013, a judge will review this process to see if progress has been made reporting live, phillipe djegal, kron 4. >>pam: ifif you have had your phone or i-pad stolen recently ... you may be in luck. san francisco police say, they have busted a multi- million dollar auto burglary operation... and a lot more was found than just cars.. kron 4's j.r. stone has more from fisherman's wharf. >> we want to make sure that there is a clear message that if you come to our city toe since serious
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consequences. >> three people were arrested two are still in jail. police say it was surveillance video at a parking garage in fisherman's wharf that helped catch them. vo as to the stolen goods that were recovered. more than a 100 cell phones. more than 75 laptops. 32-thousand dollars in cash. jewlery and cameras were recovered as well. in camera, candles, ammunition total more than a thousand electronic devices valued at half a million dollars are now with police. officers believe this ring is a small part of a larger ring that is still going on in san francisco and a couple other locations in the bay area. the district attorney says thieves beware. ipad, pta, cellphones, jewelry. these are the three suspects who were arrested. henry gamboa, victor gamboa, and ana bastillos. all three in their early 20's. police say if you have had electronics stolen here in-- stealing pda...s -- san francisco you can go to their web site to see photos of the items recovered. they are working to get these items back to the original
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owners ...j r stone. kron4. i was just on the san francisco police to part website and there are 54 pages showing the stolen items that a been recovered. if you think one of those is yours to prove to be police that you owned it. reporting in san francisco, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: new at eight.. a san francisco supervisor is now concerned about the spike in cell phone and tablet thefts in the city . nearly half of the 2300 robberies committed so far this year, involved mobile and i-pad devices. kron 4's reggie kumar shows us how the suspects target their victims. >> here in this video captured by a taxicab in the city this alleged robber season and, walking down the street talking on his cellphone. the suspect walks up and finally grabs the phone away from the victim's
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ear. she struggles for a second body gets away with our phone. this next was captured by a muni bus camera the alleged robbery is in the black jacket standing near the exit. he is watching this woman talk on her phone. as soon as the muni bus stops, he grabs the phone and runs out the door. the police saying that these suspects are still out large. >> the precautions is that if you are taking muni. and a bus comes to a complete stop stop or you are doing. put your phone down and look around. >> scott winer. was not available scott- weiner.. was not available for public comment. the supervisor wheelchaiwill request that local
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merchants will be there is and city officials the present. tonight at 11:00 p.m., a new cellphone video to show you are reggie kumar, kron 4. >>pam: tonight, the family of a berkeley woman is in shock.. and in mourning.. after she was gunned down while riding her bicycle last night. kron-4's aleica reid has more on the victim.. and the latest on the search for her killer.police are investigating a fatal shooting in berkeley. >> family members are gathering at this scene to more of their loved one, this sacramento street near longfellow middle school last night. they canvassed the school yard from top to bottom, the sidewalk where the victim was shot. family that long ago. pamela- mullins. they found that she had been fatally shot. after a phone call. >> she is a family person we do not understand why somebody would come to shoot her in her head. nobody deserved to to die like that. >> at this time they are investigating this as a homicide. they are looking for a suspect and motive i
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>> this is just wrong. >> the victim celebrated her 50th birthday 1.5 months ago and is live in the neighborhood for just a short time. >> it is sad. i just saw her three days ago >> using candles to spell her name in the name the same place that her name was taken and the question is why? why would somebody want to take pamela's life? >> we are going to find out what happened. >> police are investigating this as a homicide. there is nobody in custody but there on the hunt for a sauce boat and a motive. berkeley, alecia reed, kron for a suspect 4. and a motive. --. the mess
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safety of the golden gate is in the spotlight with a head on collision that snarled the commute this morning. cars colliding in opposite directions for colliding shutting down the northbound lanes for a one hour. this is a video. courtesy of skies seven high-definition video. plans are in the word to install a media and to prevent like this from happening. >> that mobil's be a barrier should be here by 2014. drivers are hoping that will prevent accidents like slo like the one that we saw this morning. >> drivers along the golden gate will did extra preventative wall. >> there is a safety concern. it is a state road way. in with this barrier has been in the works since 1996. that 12 in. barrier that will stretch of 30,000 ft. will prevent head-on
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collisions that we saw this according to the c h p, the driver of the lexis plowed into a cold sweat and going and the opposite direction. >> we are fortunate that this-volkswagen and alexis are not life-threatening injuries. we have not had a fatality since 2001. >> this should be completed by 2014. a spokesperson a sign that this could caus still that there could--still be smaller accident but pro avoid-smalle avoided head- on collisions. and hopefully avoid fatalities. scott rates, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: downtown san
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francisco, 1 in. in the last 24 hours. and livermore, san jose less reported. as we take a look of the satellite and radar. we will see drier conditions over the next several days but we will have to contend with fog. areas of dense fog and afternoon clearing the dry, warmer weather as we go for the weekend for i >> and a arrest is made in connection to the horrific crime and date oncoming subway train. and a major sewage spill. >> before you do any holiday shopping pay pal.. is going to great links. is pretty surprising, coming up and might have gabe slate tech report
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and residents in the north bay dealing with the aftermath of a major sewage spill clean up crews were in a san anselmo neighborhood, where a clogged sewer pipe overflowed... sending about 30 -thousand gallons of raw sewage, into resident's homes .... and mixing into sleepy hollow creek. san ansemlo resident aliysia flocco explains where the water hit her home the hardest.... .....and what her family had to do, to get the water out.. the clog in the pipe has been removed. and the sanitation district is continuing to take samples from sleepy hollow creek ... to check for contamination. they also brought in
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vacuum trucks and restoration crews... to make sure whatever got into the garages, homes and yards .. was cleaned up. grant lodes? >> that raw sewage smell expel. sir francis drake high school and here is sleepy hollow. you can see how close everything it is. 30,000 gal. of sewage into that creek. also in canfield to a sewage spill with a 7,000 gal. spewing out of a mammal. near corta madera a man has been arrested in the death of a subway rider who was shoved onto
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the tracks and killed yesterday.... new york city police say naeem davis did it - and even implicated himself. this 30 year-old naeem davis implicated himself after he was spotted on a surveillance video. this argument began it was not clear what they were upset about. davis was telling him to leave him alone. and then he shoved this korean immigrant onto the tracks. and stood by as the man was ran over. this photograph made a lot of people angry and raising questions. they and they were trying to pull himself up to the platform why did nobody help? and if this freelance photographer that took the photographs should been trying to help
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instead of aiding a camera. the photographer says that he was too far away and there is no way that he coul reach the man and flashed try to sial the train driver. they say that he was hit and dragged 15 trea feet--tom trucks. the talk today is not only about the crime newspaper handled the coverage. >>pam: washington's governor has signed a measure legalizing same-sex marriage in that state. last month, 54- percent of voters approved reject the state law legalizing same-sex marriage..which legislators passed earlier this year. the law will take effect tomorrow.. when gay and lesbian couples can start picking up their wedding certificates and licenses at county auditors' offices. washington joins several other other states which now allow gay and lesbian couples to wed. >>jacqueline: the rain has pressed for but we're still feeling the affects of this
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morning's storm. delays nearly three hours because of low visibility. that will continue to be a problem at s f o. oakland, san jose it should stay that way for tomorrow. visibility right now, with just under 2 mi. in santa rosa, 2 mi. at half moon bay. reduced visibility in redwood city, mountain view and is only going to get worse, overnight. areas of dense fog expected overnight so give yourself some extra time. friday, saturday we will also be seeing morning fog will not be as bad. the afternoon sunshine is expected as we take a look of the satellite and radar. we are not seeing much rain but still, feeling that affect. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. 44 in
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santa rosa. upper 40's for the inland valleys. as for the afternoon highs? temperatures not warming it that much. 60s through cupertino, mountain view, 61 degrees in santa clara. also the 60s for the east bayshore. alameda at 59 degrees. upper 50s near the coast. and upper 50s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast. we will see clearing tomorrow with the same on friday, saturday. as we go towards a sunday and early next week. slightly warmer temperatures. but still about average for this time of year. >> coming up later, a new football coach at cal. the
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name banta number of the gentleman and also the warriors. did they have had victory on the road? we will share those with you later in this broadcast.
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>> ahead at 830 vine hill road.. reopens but the current fix is only temporary. looking back on dave brubeck... >>jacqueline: still long delays with three hours because of poor visibility. of incoming flights. details coming up. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks.
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at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >> the city of oaklandon strikes a deal.
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strikes a deal to stave off a federal takeover of its beleagured police department. the details of the settlement between the city and civil rights attorneys have not been released. those attorneys had argued the department had failed to institute a series()* *vo / pam * )á >> a multimillion dollar auto burglary operation has been busted by the san francisco police department. more than a thousand electronic devices have been recovered. three people were arrested.. two of whome are still in jail. police believe this ring is a small part of a larger ring that is still going on in san francisco and around bay area. and the rain has bay area. but residents are still dealing with the damage from a long weekend of harsh storms. crews are out across the bay area cleaning up downed trees. and in the santa cruz mountains.. a road blocked by a mudslide is back open again. kron-4's rob fladeboe has more on that. >> with a 10 mi., 25 minute a deep toward a census of the residence and visitors
8:32 pm
have the use of vine hill road.. blake royce was the first one to cross the single-lane fix through the slide zone. >> it is important to be able to use this the other will only other alternative is a long whey a round. >> a road crew worked through the rain wednesday putting the finishing touches on a 3-day, temporary repair job that required hundreds of sanbags, concrete k-rail barriers, hot asphalt mix and thousands of square feet of plastic to keep the rain from undermining their handiwork. >> one car at a time. there is no reason for anybody to be in a hurry. it is still slippery. >> a permanent fix could take months. funding for road repairs is scarce and there's a long list of storm-damaged roads dating back two years or more. but vine hill resident andra london says one lane is
8:33 pm
better than none. >> it keeps people from going too fast people tend to go a bit quick because of the freeway. >> so we can get some a possibility but hopefully some day. >> vine hill slide priority because of access to highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >>jacqueline: we did see some heavy rainfall in the last 24 hours but most were under 1 in.. santa rosa, just about 1 in.. santa rosa, three-quarters in dublin to just under one half of 1 in.. concord, mountain view as we take a look a satellite and radar. the tail end of this system is pressing to be self. we are not seeing too much rainfall but delays at s f o
8:34 pm
because of low visibility. and these are near three hours at sfo for arriving flights. and as we go for the overnight hours visibility is going to continue to deteriorate. we will talk about this with your warmer weekend coming up. >>pam: in other bay area news... charges have been officially filed against a kidnapping and raping an autistic girl who walked away from her group home in oakland. 36-year-old gary amd was arraigned on charges of rape, kidnapping, lewd acts upon a child, and attempted lewd acts upon a child. prosecutors say he assaulted the girl multiple times over a three day period before she managed to escape. atkinson has previously been convicted of several felonies, including robbery and assault with a deadly >weapon.
8:35 pm
>> two people are under arrest oun suspicion of kidnapping and assaulting a repairman in santa clara county. police say jason dejesus and chanelle troedson lured the repairman to their home monday.. where they beat and held him against his will for several hours. the victim was able to escape his captors when they san jose. he to a nearby home where he called police. dejesus and troedson are being charged with kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats and conspiracy. >> the former commander of the central costa county narcotics enforcement team has plead guilty to stealing drugs from evidence lockers and trying to sell them on the street. 51-year-old norman wielsch entered the pleas on five drug and conspiracy charges today. he'll be sentenced to 17-years in prison in february. wielsch and private investigator christopher butler were indicted for stealing drugs, operating a brothel and conducting phony sting operations to rob prostitutes.
8:36 pm
butler pleaded guilty and is in prison. >> police guatemala have arrested internet security pioneer john mcafee.. for illegally entering the country. he's been on the run from belize authorities - who want to talk to him in the shooting death of a neighbor last month.. in an interview prior to his arrest.. mcafee denied that he had anything to do with it. >> and nobody has blamed me for the murder. i have not been charged ion not a suspect. they merely want to question me about the murder. i am not concerned i have not been charged with the crime. there is no basis for extradition. i like guatemala. i think the legal system is in guatemala is superior to the system in belize." >>pam: mcafee is trying to get asylum in guatemala.. and his attorney has filed a request. mcafee claims he's
8:37 pm
being persecuted for refusing to donate to local politicians in belize. >>pam: jazz pianist dave brubeck has died of heart failure -- just a day before his 92nd birthday. brubeck - who was born in concord - was legendary for breaking racial barriers and bringing jazz into the mainstream with his innovative style and rhythm. nischelle turner takes a look back at his life. >> late in his long life he was still able to play with the dexterity of a much younger man. the number man who composed such jazz classics his hands touched a piano in northern california tutored by his mother. she was a musician. and he saw his musician not in recording but in ranching. >> i grew up a round
8:38 pm
american indians. and a real ranch life. >> his music would be known for the pala you rhythm. >> riding on horseback, you are a loan a lot. i had nothing to think about the music and the sound of a horse is walking, trotting. i would always put in another rhythm against that. >> during world war two he put the first integrated are bp and with it to black musicians. he refused to play at the news that would not allow his black bass player. and he also met saxophonist, desmond tutu joined his protect. they released " time out " and " take five " one of the most popular songs in the history of jazz. in the late 1960's brubeck focused his work in
8:39 pm
orchestra. he recorded over 100 albums and earned a grammy of lifetime achievements among other honors. in his eight decade he continued to compose and perform onstage. his story of music is still evident. in a 2009, a another life achievement, a kennedy center achievement. upon receiving he said that jazz is an evident part of american culture. >> it is still the most important thing. for culture. people that hear jess, and they play it during halftime on the football games.
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babett >>pam: moderate gains.. as traders and investors become more optomistic about a budget deal being struck in washington by the end of the the dow closed up 83 points.. to finish above 13- thousand. points to dip below 3-
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celebrating the season. but they've also proven to be very dangerous if consumers aren't careful. karin caifa has some precautions you can take to make sure they are safe. >> holiday decorations can be dangerous in just a matter of seconds. the consumer products safety commission shows an increase in injuries related to holiday decorations. the number of incidences, including fires has gone up. 12,000 in 2009, 40,000 last season. the consumer safety commission shows that this
8:46 pm
causes at least $90 million in property damage between 2008 and 2010. this year could be more caution with trees. they are purchasing them earlier and earlier. often people are having such a great time they forgot to water to a terrible fire. in addition to keeping it filled with water, keeping away from heat sources. like even old cracked sockets, they should not be used on any tree. candles should only be odd stable services were children or family pets cannot disrupt them. >>jacqueline: the rainfall has pressed out with reduced visibility still. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. with a number of
8:47 pm
locations let us take a look. reduced visibility in santa rosa,novato.. and the weather headlines we are going to see areas of dense fog. and tomorrow, clearing expected. partly cloudy skies and temperatures will stay cool, though. a slight cooling for the weekend with no rainfall inside for the extended forecast. temperatures in the 40's and the '50s. 44 in santa rosa, 45 degrees in napa. and upper 40's for our inland valleys and and and low 50s in the south bay. 60s for the south bay. and in los gatos, san jose, 60s in mountain view. low 60s for the inland valleys and also for the east bayshore with the exception of alameda. checking in at 59 degrees.
8:48 pm
upper 50s along the coast. 58 in san francisco, upper 50s for the north bay. as for the sierras, we did see snowfall from this last system but drier conditions expected. mostly sunny skies but let us take a look at your snwobobm fevski resort just last week the base was nearly 30 in. and now it is nearly 60 in.. kirkwood, 3 in. of new snow, north star @ lake tahoe, also knew snowfall go to snowbomb... for more. delays at sfo possible right now there are three our are riding flights and tomorrow more sunshine for the weekend. slightly warmer conditions expected.
8:49 pm
>> announcer: it is now time for sports and director, gary radnich. that's sonny dykes leading his louisiana tech bulldogs in their fight song earlier this year. dykes has been the leader for louisiana tech the past bulldogs have put up some big offensive numbers: they lead the nation is scoring, total offense and first if the chef downs this past year. they nearly upset heisman front runner johnny manziel and texas a&m earlier this year, losing 59-57. la tech finished 9-3, losing to san jose st. in the finale - but missed out on bowl game prior to la tech dykes was the offensive coordinator 3 years head coaching experience (la tech) 19 years coaching in >> the raiders coach is
8:50 pm
back. after the death of his recent father. and even had to answer the rumor of john gordon. i will say this nice about the group in-- gruden... but he likes to have his name to other teams and this is the statement from the rigors of this warmer. this released by the raiders. the owner, the general manager of wanted me to communicate that this or has no validity whatsoever. no big deal but that is how it is done in the coaching profession. it is just fun to see your name associated with other jobs. and if you put just-remember-, that
8:51 pm
when you hear these rumors. that there is no way i'm going to be announcing games at espn. at least for this season, or next were interested in the raiders job. and they will ask where did this, trauma? i'm not saying that he wanted to to get the writer's job but he probably gets off hearing his name associated with the philadelphia eagles job. colin kaepernick. was speaking today. >> that is something that i do not worry about i am here to play football. whatever the media is riding i am here to perform. >> he has done a great job getting out of trouble and extending place. he has been accurate. and a lot of good things. >> he should beat miami on
8:52 pm
sunday. >> stanford rose bowl have a new coach. coach bret bee- leh-ma, who shocked his team by taking the arkansas head coaching job yesterday - will not coach in the rose bowl versus stanford. there he is. nobody really faulted him for bettering himself however the athletic alvarez said get the heck out - and will coach the team himself on january 1st. alvarez is no stranger to coaching - he led the badgers to three rose bowl wins as their head coach lost the last two rose bowls at wisconsin and joked today, "they might actually win one now." >> the warriors are going what good teams do on the road. beating the detroit pistons. grew up 100 mi. outside of detroit in saginaw. seth curry. the
8:53 pm
first warrior to have a consistent number of points. and to their credit, at 18-4 in the fourth quarter. 104- 97 the warriors were 11-7. kobe bryant and this guy, sometimes you taken for granted because lebron james has become so brilliant. but copper price it is the youngest player to reach party thousand points. that is right up there with wilt chamberlain and karl malone and the all-time great, kobe bryant, 34 years, with over 30 points in the laker win over new orleans. >> the best soccer player in the world, lionel messi, was eckhardt carried off on a stretcher with an apparent knee injury in a champions league match with balcelona.
8:54 pm
the three-time fifa player of the year collided with benfica goalkeeper artur in the 85th minute and was in obvious pain from his left knee. >> when we come back, proof that superstars think that kron is the station to watch, next.
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>> what do think about kaepernick and alex smith? >> andjerry rice.. he is doing a decent job on espn. >> the other question was about tim tebow. see you at 11:00 p.m. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this.
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